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It’s Going To Be Fine

SummarySherlock’s John’s teacher, and John loves that damned teacher. He’s got cheekbones that could kill, and eyes that pierce through your soul. And John needs that man to fuck him until he’s whining his name.

And then they fall in love. Irresponsibly, illegally in love, and they need to keep quiet before they’ll get caught.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] ~Fin


Thinking of You (WIP)

Summary: Sherlock’s been thinking about John a lot lately. And maybe that John has been thinking about Sherlock a lot lately, too.

Shameless PWP.

[1] [2] [3]



He Was Bored

Summary: ’What the hell are you doing!?’ John said, pulling his fingers out of his ears. 

'Bored.' Sherlock said, still sitting like a bag of flour.

What?’ John said, now looking to Sherlock, wondering if he did heard it right.

Bored!’ Sherlock said, getting up quickly and preparing to shoot again.




Summary: 'Dance with me, John.' Sherlock said, laying down his violin and holding up his arms.

'T-there's no music.' John said, a bit sweaty and blushing.

'It's your birthday.' Sherlock said, now looking down to John with a demanding look.

'I- I know, that's why I went to the grocery-'


John sighed, still blushing, and lay his hands in Sherlock’s. Sherlock started dancing on music unknown to John and Sherlock smiled softly to him when he looked to their feet, surprised how well Sherlock was at dancing.


Scared of Snakes
Summary: When Sherlock gets home from a crime scene, he leaves his routine and John starts to worry and searches for Sherlock. Turns out Sherlock is afraid.


I’m So Sorry

Summary: ‘Hello, John.’

John froze by hearing that voice. It was the cold, slow and charismatic voice of… No. Not possible. No, no, no, no!

John breathed heavy, as he turned around and stared into Sherlock’s green eyes. He wasn’t broken. No limbs turned around, no blood on his head. Just a sad smile on his face.


He’s Mine

Summary:Sherlock’s face got red out of anger –or jealousy? -, as he deducted John. Rushing multiple times through hair, doesn’t know what to do with hands, feeling a bit uncomfortable. Sitting close, yet still a bit distance, isn’t fully attracted to the blond man; would say it’s desperate last option. Checking mobile phone few times under table; only ones with his number are Molly, Mycroft and Sherlock. Needs contact with one of those and hopes they’re giving it first; seeks excuse for going away. Drinks and looks somewhere else when the blond talks; isn’t fully interested in conversation. Hand under table ticks against upper leg; needs the sex now.


John and the Beast

Summary: Sherlock is a free being. In the meadows is his home; where he’s free and no man ever interferes. Until now. He wants to kill him, the man who calls himself John.

Sherlock’s not sure why his instincts don’t tell him to kill John. Something intrigues Sherlock. He wants to find out, they become friends. Even more than friends.
Then John is taken from Sherlock, and now his instincts do come in.


Perfect Two

Summary: When Sherlock and John are watching a movie, Sherlock is taking some wine, and gets in an oddly weird drunken state.



Summary: Sherlock and John have been engaged for a while now, and while they are (trying to, at least) plan the wedding, John decides they will tell Mycroft tonight.

What they didn’t know,w as that Mycroft was already having someone over.


He’s Drunk

Summary: Sherlock has taken some whisky, and now it’s John’s turn to get Sherlock to bed. What he didn’t expect, though, was that Sherlock wanted to take a bath with him. And do more than just that.



Summary: John wants to throw a surprise party and enlists the help of Mycroft and Lestrade. They discuss the plans right in front of him since they know he won’t listen and is totally surprised. But the guest list seems to have grown to include his nemesis…


Hot, But Could Be Hotter

Summary: It was in the middle of the night that John woke up from a sound at his front door, and he opened his eyes as the sound continued. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, then stood up and went in the small living room. He frowned as he saw the lock of the door moving a bit, then, still dressed in only his boxers, he opened the door.

The black-haired teen came stumbling in the living room with a grunt, and John stepped back as the teen attempted to crawl up.


Things That Can’t Be

Summary: Sherlock blushed, taking both of John’s hands. “We’re getting married,” he whispered.

John nodded happily, the priest starting to speak

Sherlock glanced at the priest, then back at John, his heart skipping a beat.

Finally, finally.

The man he loved.




I’m Dying to Tell You

Summary:Meet Mycroft Holmes and Greg Lestrade; as soon as they meet, they want nothing more than to fuck each other.

[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] ~Fin



It’s Not Something You Choose

Summary: Greg is sick, and Mycroft isn’t that well in taking care of him.





Black Coffee With Two Sugar

Summary: What if Sherlock had said yes on Molly’s question for coffee with her in A Study In Pink?

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